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Hosted by Brennan Cavanaugh. Tune in Mondays, 7 – 8pm.

A weekly mixtape, with readings, based on Humanist ideals. We take on characteristics of our only time together, here, now, and address it with R’n’R (‘nR)…rationality and reality-based reasoning…and, Rock and Roll, and readings… philosophy, poetry, letters from the street…Brothers and Sisters we have the power, knowledge, and intelligence to make our time right — we are all in this together and no one gets out alive…gather the family ‘round the warmth of the radio for some good old-time rollicking Humanistic Inspiration!


As Ivan and Alyosha part ways, IHRH also says farewell tonight, with our final broadcast on Radiohive.  We all must … Read more

Live Reading: THE GRAND INQUISITOR by Dostoevsky (pt. 2 of 3)

Tonight we start in on ‘The Grand Inquisitor’ (part 1 of 2);  the parable about Christ returning to this planet … Read more

Live Reading: THE GRAND INQUISITOR by Dostoevsky (pt. 1 of 3)

SISTERS, BROTHERS, after 4 years of weekly broadcasts the IHRH is hanging up the headphones and moving on to other … Read more

Live Reading of “Scandal In The Deep”, part 2 – a Ballet by Louis-Ferdinand Céline

TONIGHT….back to the tightrope walk of live reading Louis Ferdinand Celine’s ballet, SCANDAL IN THE DEEP, accompanied with Cluster’s album

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Live Reading of “Scandal in the Deep” by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Pt. 1

The tightrope is walked!… in reading Céline’s ‘ballet’ live, tonight (pt. 1), as we continue Humanist Literature Month.  Peppered and … Read more

Reading “The Fish” by Russell Banks

The short story from acclaimed writer Russell Banks (‘Affliction’, ‘The Sweet Hereafter’) will be read live on air, with new … Read more

Magdelene Sisters and the ‘Bad Girls’

For over a century, 30,000 in Ireland women were held in captivity and used as slave labor by Nuns.  These … Read more

The Man Who Criminalized Slavery

ONLY 150 years ago Lincoln ordered the Emancipapation Proclamation which led to the outlawing of slavery.  But are we free … Read more


THE POPE RESIGNED.  Huh.  So tonight we finally ask the question, what is the Vatican?  Who is the Pope, what … Read more

Won’t Back Down: A Tribute to Rosa Parks at the 100th Year of her Birth

100 years ago today ROSA PARKS was born, and who would have known that this small woman would go on … Read more