The PNC Occupation Tapes…IHRH EXCLUSIVE!

On 9/27/10, eco-activists performed a mountain-bringing to PNC Bank in Washington DC, and were locked in by management awaiting police.  During the occupation we sang civil rights songs, traded stories, and testified against mountaintop removal while the Appalachia Rising march to the White House stopped outside in solidarity.   Hear the exclusive tape featuring Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Choir, members of Earth Quakers, and, Rainforest Action Network as we waited for negotiators to get us out before we started screaming ‘Attica! Attica!  Attica!‘…only on Radiohive.

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  1. The Reverend Billy makes a crucial point. Those Appalachian mountains killed by the coal industry and its big financiers are haunting the American conscience. Yes, it will not cease until “the mountains shall yield peace for the people, and the hills justice” (Psalm 72: 3). Rev. Billy gives resonant voice to the cry for justice, for an Appalachia set free from Big Coal’s domination. The Earth and its fragile Atmospheric Commons now demand a global response to the cry for ecological justice and sanity. Now that Lord Buckley has been gone these many years all of us remaining can be thankful for Reverend Billy. He speaks up for truth and justice in a wonderful and courageous way. Every campus (and yes every church, temple, and synagogue) might be reawakened by the reverend and his inspired choir. Most of all, his unique appeal for justice is a vital ingredient for hope. Thank you Reverend Billy!

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