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My Family Album S06E05 – Records that demetre got off sarahe’s floor…

Dear Listener. Sarahe and I are next door neighbors. Sometimes Sarahe likes to listen to her records loudly, like she did ALL FRIGGIN WEEKEND, O. M. G…. Today I choose to listen to those records unmuffled. Sincerely, demetre (and sarahe will be there too )

My Family Album S05E02: Nerd Lunchroom (+ MyFA Special : Nick at Nite)

A few weeks back your hosts dawned their alter egos (Fat n’ Ugly) and Dj’d a book release party. But not just any book: The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7. That’s Nerd for those not up with the parlance. Tonight we have the dat tape of our set and another bunch of records and we are going to spin these two into a great mash of music. Cool beans, yo. xo Demetre & Sarahe

You’ll hear: Dre, Queen, Crooked Fingers, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Busta, Hot Chip, Eric Cartmen & Styx and more

Also, check out our 1hr special vinyl only podcast.

My Family Album S04E11 : Music vs The Machine, 2002 to 2nite

Today on MyFA we share music of protest, struggle and inspiration as we share solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters with a special look back at 2002, completing our annual aught retrospectives. Percolating in the show’s mix are Mahalia Jackson, Dead Prez, Sleater Kinney, Paul Simon, T Rex, Cody Chesnutt, Kool Keith, Staple Singers, My Computer and Scarface.

A HUMANIST PLAYLIST…FROM VINYL (the Two Microphones and a Turntable Show)

You may have heard of Radiohive’s new l’il space, and, our new turntable.  We take advantage of this old new … Read more

My Family Album – S03E04 – The (First) Jazz Show

My Family Album takes it’s first crack (Vinyl Edition excluded) on Jazz in the Aughts. Though the art form was … Read more

MyFA S02E05: The Vinyl Show (From our Motherfucking Living Room!)

My Family Album is broadcasting LIVE from our apartment tonight! (we are very, very excited) And since we have not one but TWO record players here, we scrapped our original show idea and are gonna play Vinyl all night long from the Aughts, the 90s and some other surprises thrown in.