What is Noxzema? How to use it?

Best way to treat sunburn with noxzema

Noxzema is fundamentally a face cleanser and moisturizer. The formula for this item was created more than 100 years back to treat Noxzema from the sunburn.

Throughout the years to build deals, this skincare cream has been promoted for a progressively extended use, as the essential fixings camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus are likewise touted to help treat dry skin, dermatitis, creepy crawly nibbles, and generally a throbbing painfulness.

While Unilever, the enterprise that possesses the Noxzema brand, concedes this item hasn’t been use Noxzema to relieve sunburn, many people keep on utilizing it for this reason.

Does Noxzema treat sunburn?

Yes, exactly. When someone uses Noxzema to relieve a sunburn, the menthol in Noxzema may give a cooling impact on the skin, as indicated by a November 2007 report in Diary of the American Academy of Dermatology.

While restricted research proposes the camphor and eucalyptus may offer alleviation of torment and bother, and maybe decrease the danger of diseases.

skincare creamEasy steps to Use Noxzema to Relieve Sunburn

Initial Step

An initial step after suspecting sun harm is to wash the skin with lukewarm water, to expel sweat, dirt and other particles. Delicately pat skin with a delicate, clean towel to expel overabundance water.

Apply Noxzema for Sunburn

If your skin is red yet not rankled, you may get some alleviation by applying Noxzema to your skin. Apply delicately and generously, with the aim that the cream stays white, and enable time for the cream to ingest.

If needed, place a towel down before sitting or resting, to shield your furnishings or bedding from the cream. Try to avoid placing cloth or dress on the influenced skin until you complete these steps.

The best result of Noxzema for sunburn

Use Noxzema to relieve sunburn. Keep your skin saturated and reapply Noxzema each 2 to 8 hours, as required for relief from pain relief until the burn from the sun pain is no more, Noxzema is good for sunburn and shows an excellent result.

noxzemaTake Shower after Noxzema

Wash influenced skin as required after your underlying treatment with Noxzema. When you shower, utilize cool or lukewarm water. A shower with low water weight or a lukewarm shower may help limit distress.

This is the best way to use Noxzema to relieve Sunburn. Follow the steps carefully and use Noxzema for sunburn.


Noxzema for sunburn is ease for minor burns from the sun; In case of a major or serious burn, it is advised to seek Doctor’s help without any delay.

Likewise abstain from blending Noxzema with other healthy skin items, as this could cause bothering. So avoid using Noxzema in that case.

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